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You are thinking about someone, Are they also?

Hi Readers, Welcome back

At some time or another when we’re
constantly thinking about someone. Is

well as what you can do about it. If you
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someone that you’re in love with. It
doesn’t have to be a romantic

relationship, but it could be. Now, it’s
even more painful when it’s a romantic

relationship, when it’s someone that
you’ve broken up

Because you feel obsessed. And when you
feel obsessed, it brings up feelings of

guilt, feelings of confusion. And that’s
when you start wondering, “Aren’t they

also thinking about me?”


Your mind is what wonders, “Is
he or she also thinking about me? Is it

just me? Is this just me alone thinking
of this other person?” Your heart never

feels alone. Your heart knows the answer
and it knows the connection

You are the one with
the answer because every case is

different. As to if they are also
thinking about you, yes they’re also

thinking about you. Yes, you are on their

you can have a
conversation within you. And that’s not

you going crazy speaking to yourself.
Since they are constantly on your mind,

their energy is connected with yours in
a deep way., on a deeper level.

It first happens energetically and then
it’s shown physically. It doesn’t happen

the other way around.

feelings coming up, but it could actually
be the other person’s. Now, what do you do

about this? You raise your frequency, you
raise your vibration. And if you focus

your energy into your heart center- which
means standing strong in your own energy

really focused your attention into your
heart is, do you feel happy? The feeling

of happiness will flow in all of you. You’ll literally feel it in all of your

body. So, when you do this, if you’re not
feeling happiness, you’ve not done it

completely, Do it till you can feel
happiness, And when you feel this

happiness, their energy won’t be
overwhelming to you. Their

feelings won’t be affecting you as much,
I’m not saying you cut all ties, I’m not
saying you completely move out of this.

They can know all the thoughts that
the other person is thinking about them.

It truly depends on how connected you
are within your heart, within your core

and with a specific person. There is not
just one answer to this. It has different

levels, it has different occurrences and
different reasons for it happening. And the only one that can know this is you within you.

The thing is that the more connected you become into your heart,
into your core, the more you can play with this.

The more you can take it to a
different level where you have a

conversation, where you can even see what
it is that the other person is thinking,

You don’t need to start calling

up your friends and say, “What do you
think? Is she dreaming of me? Is she

thinking of me? Is he thinking of me? Is
he dreaming of me? Does he want me? does

he not?” You know within you. And even if
other people are telling you other

things, you know the answer within you.
And this builds more confidence, more

belief in you. You know the answer.
Connect to your heart. Connect to your core, and

believe in your energy. Believe in what
it is you know to be true.

Don’t keep second guessing yourself.
The more you second-guess yourself and

say, “No, it can’t be him, it can’t be her,
it’s just me, I’m alone.” You’re never

alone. You’re connected. Deep within you.

Thanks for reading🔑

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