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Whom you want to be, A Person or a Puppet

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When I was thinking about politics and power one thing came to my mind, are we living as we are or living like a puppet by obeying someone’s rules. Any person who has power may directly or indirectly makes his/her descendants work accordingly to his mind. As time went by people and power became so worse where there is no value for someone’s ideas & opinions.

The one who is in power and his/her surroundings can only be a part in all decisions whichever normal people should follow and willingly or unwillingly bound to follow it rather than opposing. I question myself are we living as person we are or a puppet for someone. Bring your thoughts, raise your voice, let society listen if it’s worth it, may be appreciated or else corrected.

Don’t hide or judge yourself, instead bring it on and find a way to lead or live a good life. Everyone has freedom to live his/her life accordingly, nobody should question it unless you’re on the wrong path. I feel we as youngsters should rebuild society with peace & harmony, at the end of the day we could sleep happily than worrying about the coming tomorrows.

We humans having knowledge, education should bring something good than just obeying or following someone’s ideology. Try to open what our heart says go on fulfill it, every individual has their own thinking, you’re unique in your own way. Standalone than being a group dancer of someone’s puppet.

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