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what does freedom really mean..?

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People are always talking about freedom but they’re always thinking how to bind themselves to something or somebody if you really lost in your life you’re absolutely free isn’t it hello no so freedom is a territory which needs a lot of maturing and culturing to handle otherwise people doing compulsive things they’re thinking they’re free these are compulsive things somebody is drinking. If you say why why don’t you not drink today you can do it tomorrow what I don’t I have the freedom to drink no it’s compulsive if you calling your compulsiveness is freedom


It’s very unfortunate you lost all your freedom in compulsiveness so freedom is that kind of a territory where you have to culture yourself mature yourself to exist free everybody I think at some point we provide these opportunities for young people to come and just be by yourself no compulsive talking no phone no drink no nothing simple you eat what you want for nourishment and then simply be everybody must spend at least a little bit of time like this because only then you understand how compulsive you are unfortunately we are translating compulsiveness as some kind of a goal in our life or freedom in our life.

if you want to get somewhere in your life get somewhere does not mean be better than somebody do this and this that no as a life your experience of life should become a fantastic experience so right now all the crazy things that people are doing in their life.


Whatever they’re doing why they’re doing because they want their experience of life to become Pleasant yes or no somebody hits the bottle somebody hits somebody else and somebody does something else but essentially looking for pleasantness if your body becomes Pleasant we call this health I’m talking yoga now to you officially if your body becomes Pleasant we call this health if it becomes very pleasant we call it pleasure if your mind becomes Pleasant we call this peace.


If it becomes very pleasant we call it joy if your emotions become Pleasant we call it love if it becomes very pleasant we call it compassion if your very life energies become Pleasant we call this blissfulness if it becomes very pleasant we call it ecstasy if if your if your surroundings become Pleasant.

We call this success only for this last one to make our surroundings Pleasant we need the cooperation of many forces around us many things have to fall into place but to keep your body Pleasant mind Pleasant emotion Pleasant your life energy is pleasant it’s 100 percent of your business not good for the business isn’t it 100 percent your business to keep this body this mind this emotion and this energy Pleasant within yourself.


If these things are Pleasant right now you sit here on your blissed-out now what will you do with your life what do you think you will do really okay she’s saying probably I’ll do nothing I’m asking all of you tell me on a day when you’re very happy are you willing to do lot of things or a day when you’re depressed you’re willing to do lot of things.


When you’re happy you’re willing to bend backwards and do everything possible when you’re little unhappy how difficult it is to move you isn’t it so why do you say if you blissed-out you will do nothing it is just that you will no more be a vested interest you are not in pursuit of happiness your life is an expression of your place now what will you do you will do what’s needed every human being should be doing what is needed isn’t it right now they are trying to make happiness from the world destroying the world in the process completely destroying the world.


See today what is it that these ecological disasters unfolding what do you think it is in pursuit of human happiness isn’t it nothing else in pursuit of human happiness we have turned this planet into a bonfire happen people are not even happy forget about being happy most people are in different state of struggles so it’s very very important what is in your hands first of all those things must be taken change charge off what do we do in the world.


Let us see to what extent the world allows us to do it your body your mind your emotions and your energies must take instructions from you isn’t it so hello right now it is taking stimuli and instructions from all sorts of people so how the hell do you think you will go where you want in your life when somebody else and somebody else can make this body if this person do whatever they want at least what happens within you must be determined by you what happens around you it’ll never be 100% determined by you.

If you work hard a little more influence otherwise little less influence but never 100% outside situations will always be like that and they should be layer like that because if the whole world happens the way you want then where do I go little bit your way a little bit my way a little bit somebody else’s way it’s fine but what happens here must be my way if this one thing happens your way will you keep yourself blissful miserable depressed.


What so essentially you must understand you can call it stress anxiety misery depression whatever you call it essentially your intelligence has turned against you that’s all that’s happened to you because there is no any kind of knowledge in your education system from ABC to trill this day how to take charge of the faculties that you have within yourself there is no addressing it at all if you address it people say oh you are archaic this has become the norm in the country if you say you need to do something with yourself no no no we do everything outside no you need to do something with yourself because otherwise you will not happen the way you want yourself to be that’s a disastrous life.

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