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Story time: Riverside Life

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A river side village which lies behind a mountain, where a middle-aged man who works as a wood cutter (Lumberjack) from all his life. He has a small family of 2 kids and a wife. His wife helps him in his work too.

As it’s a river side village with big mountain very near to it there plenty of trees and water resources, it’s like boon and curse for them because of forest and river they can get lot of natural things to use and sell for their livelihood but when rainy season starts, they suffer a lot.

Rainfall generally much more in hilly areas as compared to Urban places. When it rains heavily these villagers can’t go outside or even stay at home. If river water starts flowing in high volume. Banks of river are always quite dangerous as we can’t predict the flow or intensity, the water level which might increase or decrease accordingly.

This makes riverside villagers and animal’s lives in threat. Nature gives everything, but it’s not stable we need to plan life accordingly to it, this man is wise enough that he planned his work seasonal, He cut the trees in summer and polish those tree trunks, when it rains, he protects those cut trees in his backyard which he intentionally made some space behind his home.

Moral: Work wisely according to the place and climatic changes.

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