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Sailing to an unknown destination

Hi Readers, Welcome back

Life is a ship which sails over a lot of hurdles. Often people say Oh no i can’t live this life anymore. My life is full of tragedies, pain, sadness, and sorrow.

Many of them end their life just for the small waves by thinking of the coming big waves which aren’t sure going to hit or not. It’s all about assumptions predictions and long way thinking of negativity.

Only a few people know not every wave hits them won’t stay longer and before going back it’ll touch their feet for staying like a rock in the hard times.

Keep your ship sailing and sailing until the destination. May ocean is big but has an end, Let the moon and sun revolve around the earth for days and months never let your ship stop its sailing.

A beautiful saying which utters me looking at people who quits their precious life and give up everything was “Never think about yesterday and forget your tomorrow just look at what good I did for today


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