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Reality and popularity

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These two words might be in the mind of almost all people. Everyone wants to live their life in reality than forced or fake. But the truth is in my opinion all of us neither living in real nor fake. I could say we all living as pretending that ourselves, that we’re living a real life.

Who doesn’t want popularity? Neither I nor you, all of us running behind popularity to get recognized in our fields or area if working. Popularity not only gives you fame but it also gives you good financial status as well.

Contradict to my title if one gets popularity, he might live his/her life as he expected or wished to be, popularly always carries an invisible mask to keep him/her living a happy and real life. A layman can get reality to his life but not a celebrity or popular faces.

Life never gives you options to choose for, but it says chose for what you deserved. I could say that never run for either reality nor popularity but aim for what your heart says, once you start to follow good things and ethics to your life everything will come to you so no need to run behind on anything.

Everything’s comes at the right time and for a reason so have patience and keep doing whatever field you’re in but never take either if two to sit around your head. Be you and what you are, let things and status might change but never allow to hit on you. Keep your original always.

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