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Mind and Media

Hi Readers, Welcome back

Nowadays communication has become so important in our daily life. We can’t keep ourselves out from any of current news or stuff, people nowadays keep an eye on things happening around the world with the help of media.

Media might be anything either TV, Radio, Internet so on, we can listen and watch worldwide news or entertainment with the help of those media. Many of us literally depend on these media that some couldn’t even start a day or end a day without watching their favorite channel and shows.

Due to this dependence on media nowadays a lot of Apps, channels, streaming sites have got immense popularity. These media are generating so much revenue as the advertisers is running behind them to telecast their ads.

Media has become the highest people centric area where almost all stream either their Channels or Shows. What I observed from these developments from these media’s that people despite all age groups follow those news and suggestions.

This should help us in a positive way with good thoughts and inspirations, but some places regardless of any media telecast all kind of stuff. Media could really impact in our mind either positive or negative depending upon the things which we’re watching or following.

Small kids try to imitate things in real life as what they had saw in TV or Internet, if its good then appreciated or else it might be dangerous too. As we all know our mind is not constant, it always roaming everywhere and oscillating too, it grabs things what we watched than what we read.

Media is so strong that things what we watch can register easily and firmly. That’s why nowadays online classes and E-books are booming. I suggest the media to concentrate on good, inspiring, motivate things than elaborating telecasting unnecessary things so might our society could maintain peace and harmony.

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