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Like & Love – Are the same?

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As human beings we come across many more things in day-to-day activities, where we get attached to some people or even non-living objects too. Relating to my topic, if we visit a garden where different types of flowers with pattern & color.

We may like some flowers out of all, but only one flower attracts more pleasing to eyes to fall in love, there may lot of reasons behind as one’s get attracted by color, smell, or with shape and structure of flower itself.

Like and Love have different sides, look and feel might be same but, both are different with different shades. All things or objects we liked, never actually loved it for. We like many things in our life but heart loves only one which is special and close to it ♥️

So, I conclude by saying liking is more in number and is timely based, as in garden of flowers we love only one flower, whereas others aren’t, as said love is unique that’s what Love is…

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