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Life needs some rest

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You ’re giving it too numerous names. Don’t give it too numerous names for your problems.

Your problem is just this your body and your mind aren’t taking instructions from you, that is all.

Don’t give it too numerous names. You give it too numerous names because you like to embellish your problems.

If you embellish your problem you may not want to get relieve of it.
still, you may not want to get relieve of it, If you embellish your problem too much.

This is veritably simple; your body isn’t taking instructions from you so your mind isn’t taking instructions from you so if these two effects were taking instructions from you.

So the essential problem is they aren’t taking instructions from you. Because you’re like a super computer without a keyboard. This is a super computer without a keyboard. You know if your head does n’t work, people do this it doesn’t work that way.

This isn’t where the switch is. Have you seen people scratching their head when it doesn’t work? It’s not going to work like that. So if you only had a keyboard you class out what you want.

Now because you do not know where it is, you ’re punching it each over, all kinds of effects are coming out.

Once in a way, effects that you want be, utmost of the time effects that you do n’t want be. So the discovery the thing is to find access to the keyboard. How to operate this machine? Which is what we’re trying to do. So just pay attention, we will give you a keyboard.

also you class out whatever you want. I don’t want to decide what you should class. You class out whatever the hell you want, but what you want should be.

still, what’s the point having them, losing them is better, If your body and your mind doesn’t do what you want. No wonder people are talking about no mind It’s not far before when it becomes veritably torturous they will say,

To be or not to be. don’t don’t ask for it. It’ll come anyway unsolicited it’ll come and knock on your door one day.

Till also the thing is to use these two awful effects that you have and see what you can do with this.

So it’s just that for one person the keyboard may be touch medium or for one person it’s like this just a verbal instruction your phone workshop.

There’s one if you just smoothly touch like this it ’ll work.

There’s another bone
if you do this, this it ’ll work.

There are some you have to do that.

This big phone, bigger the phone the longer it’s going, that’s what they meant to say in those old pictures

big phone like this now only this important phones hands free you can speak because technologies have bettered.

Consequently in each person it may be different kind bone
may just change by instruction, another needs light punching, another needs little more, another needs different kind of people.

So whether you need just two days yoga or two weeks yoga, two months yoga, two times yoga, we can decide that after two days are over. However, fine, that’s awful, If two days are enough. However, veritably important your body and your mind takes instructions from you, you and you alone and nothing but you, If you need further we must do further but is it veritably. We must do that.

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