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It’s all an matter of one good kick start

Hi Readers, Welcome back


One of the most important realizations out there you could say for life general in any situation is simply knowing that there are options there are always options we all came against every obstacles.


We’ve had enough we’re mentally physically exhausted the deck seems to be stacked against us and things feel hopeless and the reason that this realization has been so valuable is because it’s in these moments that the negative seems to want to overshadow the opportunity it’s all we see right when you’ve taken loss after loss after loss.


The reality is forever and that’s why so many people let the past define who they are right because when it’s rained for ten weeks you begin to anticipate rain but that’s why this little rule is so crucial right it says hey listen take a step back and remember that you were the one pulling the strings anytime.


Things feel hopeless it’s because you are choosing not to look at what matters you’re seeing the bad stuff the footsteps that brought you to your predicament but they are not you and they have very little to do with your ability to it will never be a false statement that the rest of your life starts now with the decisions you make.


The trick is you have to see the ocean of opportunity and not that bucket of water that you tripped over that will always be the temptation and I can speak from facts projects fail, investments fall apart, relationships come crashing down all the above just like every single person alive but what makes or breaks us is the ability to recognize our emotional state.

We can decide to see the good your business idea was a disaster fine there are two things you can do you can say to yourself that you suck about the experience the relationships you built, your experience in a textbook you lived maybe it didn’t go exactly as planned but you’ll get to talk about that someday.


Anything you can go anywhere and say that because just the thought is incredibly liberating you’re never stuck in how amazing is that unless you hold out your hands and cuff yourself limits do not exist you have weaknesses sure fine we all do but the question is what are your strengths how can you better utilize


Don’t forget that right stop limiting your perspective a loss is a future game ends our new beginnings being scared means you’re trying something new being embarrassed means you’re learning sure on the surface these things look bad sometimes very bad but in the long run they make you who you are.


When you feel bad about your situation you are thinking about the mistakes of yesterday and not the opportunity of right now you are thinking about what has and can go wrong and not what can go right it doesn’t matter how your situation you can take something from it so put that into practice next time you’re feeling discouraged and that time will come ask yourself what you are really focusing on.


You’re probably thinking about the ridiculous irrational nonsense that holds you back right you will face obstacles in life and you will overcome them but be the solution not another obstacle in your own way when you are against the wall or on the edge think bigger remember that any situation can be undone any story can be rewritten see the opportunity pull out your notebook and write how the world as you want it to be..,


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