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Greatest but not the latest

Hi Readers,

Greatest, word itself sounds like something extraordinary and topmost thing which had happened or done by someone. We came to know from our history that there were many kings, queens, scholars, and some of the scientists in ancient times who did achieve some extraordinary discoveries and innovations.

Some did in the field of Art, scriptures, dance, music and more. We can observe the bravery of many kings and their dynasties who conquered many cities to expand their kingdom. Those are all greatest for sure but not the latest. With time it brings more things to life and the planet.

People only remember the latest than the past. Whatever you did or your ancestors did it might be in books or the internet but won’t be appreciated always, it might get some appreciation when things related to it get highlighted. History is always history and the present changes with time.

People too change their interest accordingly so the greatest thing might also get sideline one day. We people live life with the present and thinking of future days, never going to think much about past things.

Society just thinks and talks about present things or present achievements, it won’t think much of the greatest things you have done. Just keep doing more and more good things which you can, so might in future days people going to remember you for some more time.

Never run behind fame which fades with time. History may repeat or not, the future might be different so think about tomorrow but remember your yesterday.

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