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Destiny isn’t designed on how you decided

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God designed the color in the flower to attract only one specific type of nonentity so that color has a purpose and utmost of us do not know our own purpose on earth, every human is battling with is why am I then it’s a tough question the average mortal being doesn’t know why they’re on earth Earth they wake up every morning go into a job they detest working with people they do not like getting paid lower than they are worth and dying too youthful from frustration because they do not know why they exists

Every human must answer what can I do the average mortal on earth has idea about their capability 90 of mortal population will die and no way achieve further than 10 of the true capability this is a tragedy and the last question every human must answer is where am I going what’s my destination everyone wants to know what’s my future where am I going in the coming 20 times 40 times what will I be when I’m 75 or 80.


Every mortal wants to be successful I’ve no way met any human who said I plan to fail hereafter no mortal wants to fail am i right everybody wants to succeed but I’ve some good news for you write this down success is predictable success is predictable success isn’t luck success isn’t an trial you can prognosticate success.

Life is designed for your success but failure is also predictable because failure is the same result as success let me explain what I mean God designed everything he created to be successful you’ll no way see a raspberry who can not fly naturally you will no way see a fish who can not swim naturally every seed if you put it in the ground and give it water you do not need to supplicate it’s designed to bring for the tree everything God created has erected into it its own success and if the factory is then moment and gone hereafter how much more important are you to God


God designed the fish to be in water that’s a law fish will no way leave water they are smarter than humans catcalls were designed to fly in the air they will no way try to come fish if you put a seed on the ground on the tiled bottom in the lobby and leave it there for 15 times it’ll remain a seed why you defied the law of the seed it needs soil and humidity humans are the only brutes God get problems with we’re the only bones who’ll test the law to see if it’s true that is why you broke disassociated and sick.


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