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A Plan Is Not a Strategy 1

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Today I’ll be discussing the differences between a plan and a strategy. Now oftentimes the word plan and the word strategy are used interchangeably in everyday conversation, but these words have different meanings.


I hope that this post will help you understand the truth meaning of both words how they are different and how the two words relate the word plan and the word strategy both refer to the desire to achieve an end result, however a strategy refers to the overarching method for reaching that goal because the strategy is dynamic in nature it typically refers to a long-term effort the strategy can evolve as time passes conditions change and things are learnt or better understood

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Now a plan on the other hand is static it takes the form of outline steps that are designed to achieve a single objective if the plan fails it will be recreated into a second draft which is commonly referred to as Plan B plans are most often short-term or part of a longer-term strategy now if you were to put these two words on a continuum strategy should typically come before plan


Now a person or even a company often develops plans for accomplishing a strategy and I’d like to illustrate this point using an example from my favorite sport soccer considers a soccer team that has the strategy for winning each game by scoring goals from corner kicks the team’s coach would likely create several set plays or plans that the offensive team members would carry out during each corner kick each of these plays or plans was created with the objective of scoring a goal.

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if these plans are successful then they contribute to the strategy to win the game from scoring from corner kicks now in the business world it’s rare for success to come because of blind luck strategies and plans to achieve your strategic targets are key to long-term success my hope is that these clarifications on the term plan and strategy will help you accomplish your goals at work

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